Maya XGen Colored Cubes and Spheres Rendered with Arnold

Some more tests with XGen archives and spheres. This time with a bit more color. I basically use a texture map to ‘drive’ the length and color of an XGen primitive. These primitives can range from spheres, splines or as in most of the examples below, cube geometry that has been exported as an archive. I then use expressions with XGen in Maya to modify the length, size and orientation of the archives. Finally, I use the Arnold software renderer to create the final image. Arnold is able to realistically render millions of these pieces of geometry very quickly at high resolutions without any problem.

A tutorial that goes through the process can be found here.  All of the images are rendered with Arnold for Maya.

Click here to view my initial tests without color. Click here to view more XGen tutorials.

Many thanks to Pedro F. Gómez for his assistance with XGen.

Featured on: Daily Planet Show, COLOSSAL, GIZMODO, THE VERGEtheCreatorsproject, CREATIVE BLOQ, 3dtotalBEHANCE, SPLOID, LESTERBANKSCG RECORD, ronenbekermanCGFeedback.

High quality prints can be purchased here and here or click the image below to go to the gallery.


Its nice to see that my work has inspired other artists to also have a go. Please share your results with me!

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37 thoughts on “Maya XGen Colored Cubes and Spheres Rendered with Arnold

  1. If you made a real physical model of these at a large scale they would make amazing wall installations. Add some cool up or down lighting as well!

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  4. Wow! They look so alive! It looks like oceans and coastlines with cities. Is it possible to wrap this around a globe? That would make for some beautiful planets!

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